by David Petty

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released November 26, 2015

All songs written & recorded by Dp3t at Cowboy Indian Alien Records



all rights reserved


Cowboy Indian Alien Records Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: It's Over
We take what we want when we need
We do what we must to succeed 'til it's over

We kill who we must to survive
Survive on the rest of your lives 'til it's over
When it's over
What have we achieved?

We don't care, we don't care about what you need
We don't care for what you believe

We drain all the blood to the sea
We shit on the hand that feeds 'til it's over

We hardly believe in ourselves
If not us, than no one else 'til it's over
Well it's over
What have we achieved?

We don't care, we don't care about what you need
We don't care for what you believe
We don't care, we don't care about what you need
Track Name: I Do Not See
I took a short vacation
To the fourth dimension
Is this a simulation
To test our bodies and our minds
I know, I know, it doesn't, no
I know it doesn't matter

I saw you under water
On a large blue alter
Above you had a screen
To teach the fishes to stay clean
I don't know what this thing could mean
I know it doesn't matter

I do not see you close to me
I do not see
Track Name: Chants
Broken beat
Make a life complete
Can you move your feet,
Singing chants?

Take your sights off me
On the balcony
Singing chants

Son of man
Have you got a plan
That's less simple than
Singing chants

How has it been this long?
When will we sing a new song?
Track Name: Imagine & Machine
Paper shores, white lining
A brightness a blinding
An ocean of words drowning
An ocean submerging

The waves are crashing black
An ink and parchment splash
And all I see is how to get back to sleep

Sigh now and turn back
Picture what you lack
Seeing is seeing that
Seeing is looking back

A shining shimmering
That cannot be unseen
A vision on the screen if you track the speech

Caught in a wake trap
Dream of the ceiling black

Suspended in between
Imagine and machine
There's darkness where you've been so get back to sleep
Track Name: Who We Are
I wanted to believe you
I wanted to believe and feel the same
But all of us can see you
And all of us can see that nothing's changed

But all along you were a star
A distant galaxy so far
So now you know just what you are
To me

I climbed into a tall tree
I climbed into a tall tree in the yard
Far from all that harms me
Far from all the change and credit cards

I tried to travel and to feel
I tried to make it past your shield
But now I know it wasn't real
How I feel
Just can't be real

But someone came and found me
Someone came and told me nothing hard
They just needed something
They just needed something in the yard

I couldn't answer I was scared
Or maybe I just didn't care
But either way there's nothing there
For me
Nowhere to be
Not a thing for me
No one to be

But who we are
Has no clue who we are