by David Petty

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This album was recorded independently during the spring of 2014 and has now been remastered at Cowboy Indian Alien records.
Cover Art created by Maddie Eiden.


released November 26, 2015

David Petty - Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Synth and Keys
Travis Scott Garland - Lead Guitar
Ape Man - Drums & Tambourine
Dp3t - Producer



all rights reserved


Cowboy Indian Alien Records Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Happy Birthday, Calender
All this wind and all this rain are turning skull and brain
Detaining all I say and sob away, It's fine

Shock and awe complete install of all the lull and speculated fall
A call, a stall, a stab before it all

I don't mind at all

Catch a train insane and vain though something catches you, a chain
And now you stop, just stop, just stop, come on let's talk

Break the news, clean cut no bruise, both loose to choose the clues
And now we dance to take the chance of new romances

I don't mind at all

Looking back you cut no slack, though no attack puts you off track
And once you loose, you loose, you loose the right to choose

Aim to please and safety leaves you sitting holding out your keys
You're open, waiting, hoping you don't bleed

I don't mind at all
I don't find it fun to call
Because I don't mind at all
Track Name: Taxing This
I had a key, you got a new lock
Left a note for you in street chalk
It's so much easier when you talk
Than making plans upon the sidewalk

Push nothing forward see a decline
As a tape that's set to rewind
And, though the sentiment is god sent
I don't care too much for credence

I can't tell
But it's just as well
I can't tell

A cigarette to help me look back
In the smoke I see what I lack
But what I see is not a new sign
Just a memory from that time

I can't tell
But it's just as well
I can't tell
Track Name: Hypocrisy
Fight for family
Death to you and me
Spend on all you see

Credits too be shared
Keep the people scared
Promise you're prepared
Exchange in le merde

Public enemy
It's all slavery
How long 'til you see?

Fight for victory
What else could there be?
It's killing me
We're bombing families
Track Name: Blue
I saw a tear
I saw you in there
You didn't care
I had time to spare

I spent the night
Through the violent light
And realized I had lost my mind

The shrinking room with rhythms tune
A horses shoe hangs there for you

And nowhere is the sight to save
I got a hit tonight to take
And now I see that everything sighs
Though my eyes, through my eyes

Though my eyes
Track Name: Au Revoir
Your shit is sitting under my bed
I think I like to be reminded
I read a question or two from my question zoo

A simple system with a rhythm
From room to room, who's got a big one?
I count one blessing from you, it was the day you moved

Sitting in silence in a shared room
Some plants are blue and some have bad news
I got a thought in my head, it's red and goes boom

Inside a rainy day I saw you
The water fell and I could tell you
I got a bomb in my head, it's red and goes boom

And it goes boom
Track Name: Octopoda
I'll take you to the sea
We'll see what we can see
Forget the memory
And curiosity

Come along with me
'Cause we were meant to leave

With darkness overhead
We'll seek an ocean bed
Our drawings will suggest
That we had meant to rest

We'll swim until we can't
And sink into the sand
We'll pray to god for land
He will not lend a hand

You're waiting for the end
The oceans waiting, friend
Track Name: City of Lights
Your shadow's above me
When you're thinking of me


You enter the water
Confused and improper
And all you can tell me
Is what to believe

There's light
There's light

But I don't know nothing
Nothing that's right
I don't know nothing
Nothing that's right

I know you can see it
The flaws in your profit

But I don't know nothing
Nothing that's right
Well alright
I don't know nothing
Nothing that's right
Track Name: History
Self contained 'til the next refrain
Let us smile again in the rain, entertain me
We're loosing hope, see our fortune told
By a man in bold colors, holding up my

That bothersome mystery
The only one pulling me

See the goal, let it ease your soul
It takes self control felling worth the toll
Keep it simple, though complications slow
Any forward row up the coursing flow of my

That bothersome mystery
The only one pulling me

Purple gaze, life for us was made
How I wish you stayed
Life decayed, turning grey
And though I have changed still your thought remains
In my thoughtless brain
As we sang, I still sing through my

The joy and the misery
The only one pulling me