by David Petty

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During a ten week program at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, David Petty studied history and folklore of his Makah (Qʷidiččaʔa·tx̌) ancestors and neighboring Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. He created artwork and music during this program to express his exploration of a heritage he previously knew little of.
This short album was the outcome.

Mixed and mastered at Cowboy Indian Alien Records.


released May 29, 2016

Music and lyrics by David Petty



all rights reserved


Cowboy Indian Alien Records Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: The Two Men Who Changed Things
Long ago
When mountains and oceans were young
There was no life under the sun

Long ago
Two brothers of great Sun and Moon
Came to Earth and brought her to bloom
And made plants to grow here and soon
Created the animals too

Then they said
This world will have people to see
And Live off the land and the sea
Track Name: Thunderbird
One cold winter
Never colder
People hunger
People whisper

I am ready to die
I will soon close my eyes

In the ocean
A whale in motion
His heart is open
For he had spoken

Thunderbird, Thunderbird
Hear my words, Thunderbird

I am ready to die
I will soon close my eyes

Above the clouds
He hears the mouths
Of both the mammal
And the people

Thunderbird, Thunderbird
Hear our words, Thunderbird

You, that ask me to kill
For this reason I will

Thunderbird, Thunderbird
Hear our words, Thunderbird
Track Name: The Only Ones
Back when the mountains spoke
Before the trees awoke
The mountains sang a song
We are the only ones

But through the snow and sleet
The trees grew at their feet
They became large and proud, singing
We are the only ones

The Earth opened one day
Releasing predators and prey
And you could hear them say
We are the only ones

Someday they'll find our homes
Unbury all our bones
And write in all their notes
"They thought they were the only ones"